Baltic Amber Giveaway

Baltic Amber Giveaway

GIVEAWAY TIME! I’m giving away an amber teething necklace! To enter to win all you have to do is go to Facebook and share this post on your wall, like The Cozy Kangaroo‘s Facebook page and comment in the Facebook thread letting us know your favorite baby carrier and why. We will draw a winner Thursday night! Good luck!

How does baltic amber work?

Baltic amber has been around for centuries and has historically been used as a natural remedy for some of the common ailments such as chronic inflammation, pain, arthritis, etc. Succinic Acid is what makes amber so amazing! The natural oils along with the heat of your skin activates the Succinic Acid to work it’s magic, naturally of course.

In what ways can baltic amber be beneficial?

Wearing your amber necklace or other piece of amber jewelry can relieve pain without having to resort to medication such as Advil or Tylenol. Teething is usually accompanied with redness and inflammation of your child’s gums which is very painful. Imagine your teeth cutting in all at once. Ouch! Having your child wear amber around their neck can take away some of the pain naturally which will help them sleep better and will help you sleep better as well.

Does it work?

YES! I’ve never had any major issues with my kids as they were cutting teeth. There was a period where I lost my daughter’s amber necklace and didn’t think about replacing it right away because I never had problems before. Well, just a few days later I noticed she had very swollen gums so I got a replacement necklace the same day and the swelling went down in less than 48 hours. We found eventually found her original necklace and as she was cutting molars I doubled up which really helped us get through the last couple of teeth.

How often should my child wear the amber necklace? Is it ok for them to chew on?

Have your child wear their amber all the time. The only time you really want to remove it is during bath time or if they go swimming. Children should never chew on the amber! It’s made be worn where the pain is so with a teething baby, they should wear it around their neck.




Wrap Your Baby!

I love wraps! I love stretchy wraps and I love woven wraps! Some would call a woven wrap just a long piece of fabric but it’s much more than that. You can do so much with it and the possibilities are endless. It’s definitely the most versatile baby carrier on the market.
Not all carriers are created equal and price doesn’t always determine quality. Watch my video and find out the pros and cons to each type of carrier to help determine what works best for you and your little one.