Hip Carry in a Ring Sling

I remember getting my first ring sling and asking myself, “ok, now what?” I was so lost when it came to wearing my baby and eventually gave up after only a few tries. A couple months later I decided to give the ring sling another go. YouTube became my teacher, although I quickly learned that not all YouTube videos are created equal. Some are really good while others are really bad and you have a few in between. You see, there is a lot to think about when wearing your child in the sling. You have to position the rings so they aren’t too low or too high, make the pocket a perfect size and figure out how to adjust the sling while keeping your baby from squirming out of your arms. There was a point where I thought I mastered this thing. My husband and I were shopping at Menards one afternoon and everything suddenly seemed to click. I was so excited! A few moments later when I tried to wear my baby at Target, I couldn’t get her like I did before. What was I doing wrong?

After many hours of surfing YouTube videos and countless tantrums (from me not the baby) later, I finally got it! The reason I was having such a hard time was, I wasn’t supporting my baby’s little tushie while I was adjusting the sling. Also, her positioning was never quite right which meant we were both pretty miserable and that defeated the point of babywearing altogether. I figured out a few tricks over the next year and learned even more when I trained under Babywearing Institute.

I really hope this video helps if you are a parent struggling with your ring sling. Practice makes perfect so keep at it and don’t give up! You will eventually get it and become a pro! If you still find yourself stuck and not able to master this carry please contact me. I would love to help you in anyway I can! I also provide private one-on-one consultations. If you are outside Decatur, IL or not able to travel, I can connect with you via FaceTime, Skype or Google Hangout.

When you get the chance, subscribe to my YouTube channel. I have several other videos that I find very helpful. I hope you do too!